I completed my MSc. studies in Electronic Engineering at UTFSM, Valparaíso, Chile, in November 2016. In May 2022, I successfully defended my Ph.D. Thesis in Electrical Engineering at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, titled "Continuous-time System Identification: Refined Instrumental Variables and Sampling Assumptions". Among other topics, I really enjoy linear algebra, complex variables, real/complex/functional analysis, probability, (optimal) estimation, statistical inference, system identification, and linear systems.

Ph.D. Courses at KTH, Sweden

  • FJL3380, Theoretical Foundations of Machine Learning (Spring 2019)

  • FAK3127, The Sustainable Scientist (Spring 2019)

  • FEL3370, Mathematical Methods in Signals, Systems and Control (Spring 2019)

  • FAK3014, The Theory and Methodology of Science (Spring 2019)

  • FEL3202, Data Driven Modeling, Extended course (Spring 2019)

  • FEM3200, Optimal Filtering (Autumn 2018)

  • FEM3220, Matrix Algebra (Spring 2018)

  • FDS3103, Introduction to Scientific Writing (Spring 2018)

  • FSF3862, Nonlinear Systems, Analysis and Control (Spring 2018)

  • FLH3000, Basic Communication and Teaching (Spring 2018)

  • FEL3210, Multivariable Feedback Control Systems (Autumn 2017)

  • FEF3301, Computational Game Theory (Autumn 2017)

MSc./Ph.D. Courses at UTFSM, Chile

  • MAT235, Functional Analysis (attended lectures Semester 2017-1)

  • MAT379, Optimization and Control (attended lectures Semester 2017-1)

  • MAT263, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes (attended lectures Semester 2016-1)

  • MAT226, Measure Theory (attended lectures Semester 2015-2)

  • MAT235, Complex Variables (Semester 2015-2)

  • IPD476, Multivariable Control (Semester 2015-2)

  • MAT225, Real Analysis (Semester 2015-1)

  • IPD469, Models for Control (Semester 2015-1)

  • IPD462, Advanced Design of Control Systems (Semester 2015-1)

  • IPD468, System Dynamics (Semester 2014-2)

  • IPD460, Information Theory (Semester 2014-2)

  • IPD431, Probability and Random Processes (Semester 2014-1)

  • IPD410, Mathematical Methods in Automatic Control (Semester 2013-2)